App integrations

You only need one add-in to connect all your tools

Combine your favourite tools and Microsoft Outlook as a Swiss tool knife for efficient email processing.

Atlassian Confluence

Post your information from emails directly into Atlassian Confluence and inform relevant employees about it.

Mailissa Konnektor Jira

Atlassian Jira

Combine Microsoft Outlook and Jira into one unbeatable tool for agile teams. Generate new tasks directly from existing emails.

Atlassian Jira Servicedesk

Create new service tickets from incoming emails in seconds to work on them together.


Generate new service tickets in seconds directly from your Outlook inbox in Freshdesk.

Mailissa Konnektor HCL Domino

HCL Domino

Connect all your Domino applications with Outlook to quickly and easily transfer emails to the right application.

Microsoft OneDrive

Store emails and attachments from your Outlook mailbox directly on OneDrive.

Mailissa Konnektor Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Put important emails, attachments and information in the right places in Microsoft SharePoint.

Mailissa Konnektor Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Transfer important information and documents from Outlook directly into Microsoft Teams, inform relevant employees about them directly and keep the conversations going in the right channel.

Microsoft To Do

Create new tasks in Microsoft To Do directly from your emails and add the important meta information, such as agent, due date and category.

Microsoft Planner

Create new tasks directly from your incoming emails in Microsoft Planner to ensure effective project management.

Mailissa Konnektor salesforce


Connect Microsoft Outlook to your Salesforce CRM and put important emails and attachments in the right place with just a few clicks.

Mailissa Konnektor Slack


Share important information, attachments or entire emails directly in the right channels. For topic-related and efficient communication in the team.


Connect your teamleader CRM to your inbox and send the emails directly to the appropriate contacts. Or create a new contact first if it does not already exist.

Mailissa Konnektor Trello


Create new Trello cards (tasks) from your e-mails or attach the information as additional information to existing cards and inform the corresponding editors about it.

Mailissa Konnektor Zendesk


Connect Microsoft Outlook with Zendesk for efficient and reliable customer service.

Zoho Desk

Link Zoho Desk to your Outlook inbox and convert your emails into new tickets or add new information to existing tickets.

You miss an app integration?

Thanks to Mailissa’s extensive and well-documented API, you can very easily programme (or have programmed) further connectors (connections). You can design each connector individually according to the needs of your target application in order to directly add important additional information. Make an appointment with us now and we will discuss your requirements and wishes together.

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