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How to optimise your email management

How to optimise your email management In our everyday office life, we receive a large number of emails every day. Newsletters, customer enquiries, messages from colleagues and many more. On average, we receive over 140 …

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Collaboration tools: How to find the best solution

Finding the right collaboration tools and connecting them for powerful collaboration Digitalisation – you hear it everywhere. It is not a new issue and we are all in the middle of it. Nevertheless, many areas …

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How to “deal” with the daily flood of e-mails

“376 unread emails” – The email inbox can drive you crazy Pling! And yet another new email lands in your inbox. No matter whether you are on the phone or working on a project: You …

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Problems of digital collaboration: email as a stumbling block to more efficiency

Everyone is talking about digital collaboration. Especially in the last few years, this topic has become even more important. In many companies, however, the prerequisites for successful digital collaboration first had to be literally tapped …

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