All applications under one roof

Whether Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot or Asana: Simply connect the tools you already use with Outlook.

Microsoft Teams

Transfer important information and documents from Outlook to Microsoft Teams and keep conversations going.


Create incoming emails in Outlook directly in Trello tasks and attach all important information and documents.


Connect Microsoft Outlook with Asana and stay up to date with your projects.


Combine Microsoft Outlook and Jira into an unbeatable development tool for agile teams.

Microsoft SharePoint

Seamless collaboration in Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook. Easy transfer of documents and information to SharePoint.


Make teamwork easier and more productive. Share important information, documents and conversations directly in the right channels. For topic-related and efficient communication.


Connect Microsoft Outlook with the salesforce CRM. Store all data, information or documents in the right place with just a few clicks.


Connect Microsoft Outlook and Mailchimp to better reach customers and drive your business forward.

HCL Domino

Microsoft Outlook and HCL Domino integration to make your applications even more efficient.


Integrate Microsoft Outlook with your CRM platform from HubSpot.

Microsoft OneDrive

Store documents and e-mails directly from Outlook in Microsoft OneDrive.


Connect Microsoft Outlook with SAP CRM. Store all data, information or documents in the right place with just a few clicks.

Google Drive

File documents and emails directly from Outlook to Google Drive.


Connect Microsoft Outlook and Zendesk for efficient and reliable customer service.


Store emails, documents and important information directly in your Dropbox.

Google Calendar

Connect your calendars and manage appointments in Google Calendar directly from Outlook.

Zendesk Sell

Connect Outlook and Zendesk Sell for powerful CRM distribution software.


Connect Oracle with Outlook, and file your emails and documents in the right business context…


Build powerful connections between your apps with Mailissa and Zapier.

Microsoft Azure

Connect Outlook to your complete Microsoft Azure infrastructure.


Take your CRM to the next level with an Outlook integration.


Connect Gmail and Outlook to access all emails in one place.


With the Pipedrive Outlook integration, you can organise your sales even more efficiently.


Connect Microsoft Outlook with the powerful low-code platform Aveedo.

You miss an integration?

We can connect everything with a REST API interface.

Contact us. We will gladly take care of an individual connection of your software solutions.

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