Axontic x CollabDays Bremen 2024

Zwei animierte Personen im Business-Look. Sie stehen vor einem großen Kalenderblatt des Februars 2024. Die linke Person dreht die Zeiger einer Uhr. Die rechte Person zeigt auf dem Kalenderblatt auf die Tage 09. und 10. Februar. An diesen Tagen finden die CollabDays 2024 in Bremen statt.

From Friday, February 9th, 12 a.m. to Saturday, 10 February 2024, 9 p.m. A wide variety of people will meet at CollabDays Bremen with one thing in common. They’re all nuts about Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics, and Azure. They all see the importance and still untapped potential of Microsoft 365 and want to invest early to turn it into a powerful and efficient work platform. The CollabDays help you to optimize your working environment and to take advantage of the hidden potential of M365. On the banks of the Weser in Schuppen Eins, we hope to meet you at this year’s CollabDays.

What is the CollabDays initiative?

The CollabDays Initiative was founded as an independent, non-profit, technology event with the aim of bringing people together, making contacts and exchanging information. It’s an entire network. The events are organized independently of each other and locally. This year, in addition to Bremen, you can also visit CollabDays in Poland, Italy, Hamburg, Belgium and the Netherlands. If you want to plan an event under the CollabDays banner, you can count on their support in planning and organization. The CollabDays initiative enables any community to plan and execute this non-profit, Microsoft-focused event.

Axontic at the CollabDays Bremen 2024

2024 is here and for us it couldn’t get off to a better start. With great anticipation and excitement, we are making the final preparations for our appearance at this year’s CollabDays Bremen. With confidence in our luggage, we face this premiere and can’t wait to meet you. We look forward to welcoming every visitor to our stand or listener during our presentation “The power of AI: Strategies for effective email organisation” on 09.02.2024 13:30 at NEUSTA SPACE.

The power of AI: Strategies for effective email organization

The importance but also the possibilities of the e-mail inbox for every company and every employee is growing day by day. It is only recently that the introduction of artificial intelligence into everyday working life has created new opportunities that have not yet been fully grasped.

Our goal is to help you optimize Microsoft Outlook for your personal needs, so that time and your personal manpower can be saved. From intelligent classification to seamless integration into existing workflows, we would like to introduce you to the possibility of an effective, powerful yet intuitive email inbox.

Using practical examples, we will demonstrate how you can increase productivity, improve team collaboration and increase the clarity and efficiency of your inbox. Be there to experience the opportunities and challenges of email management and the potential of an optimized email system first-hand.

We don’t just present a product and its potential – we present the future for any company that aligns the available workforce for growth and no longer wants to deal with cluttered and full email inboxes.

Our speaker: Mika von Essen

Portrait des Speakers und Consultant Mika von Essen, der auf den CollabDays in Bremen auftritt. Er lächelt freundlich in die Kamera, trägt ein weißes Hemd und verschränkt leicht die Arme.

Mika von Essen is an experienced consultant and project manager at Axontic. He combines in-depth knowledge of digital transformation with a strong understanding of customer needs and technological trends. In addition to driving the implementation of Mailissa in various enterprise environments, Mika is also instrumental in developing the strategic product roadmap.

As a valued speaker at professional conferences, he shares his knowledge and experience to help organizations maximize their digital efficiency. His presentations provide clear, understandable, and practical insights that provide valuable strategies and applicable solutions to the audience.

Where to find us

If you have read this far, we hope we have been able to arouse your interest in CollabDays Bremen 2024.

On Friday, 09.02.2024 at 1:30 p.m. at NEUSTA SPACE, you can listen to Mika von Essen and his presentation on “The power of AI: Strategies for effective email organisation” and ask him any questions you may have afterwards.

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