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E-mails determine our everyday life and are an important means of communication. E-mails often contain information that should not only be made available to the direct recipient. The bad habit of making the distribution list as large as possible is often the only variant of “sharing”. Thereby, information and especially file attachments are often included, which should possibly also be made available to team members in the background.

Another aspect is mail archiving. Once moved to the archive, the information is gone – and must be painstakingly retrieved when needed – if you still know which email contained the important PDF you need.

Internal processes could remedy this, e.g. one could encourage all project participants to always file file attachments in a project-related folder in SharePoint. To do this, the attachments are simply extracted from the mail, stored locally and then uploaded to SharePoint again. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? No, this is an imposition and quickly this process is simply ignored and chaos returns.

But what if this could now be drastically simplified and not just limited to SharePoint either? With a few clicks, share important information, attachments and even the entire email with team colleagues in SharePoint, file it in teams and discuss it immediately or create a Jira task or a new helpdesk ticket from it in Freshdesk? Sounds good and right? Then we’ve got something for you.

Mailissa, the clever Outlook add-in designed precisely to simplify – and above all unify – the process of filing and sharing information and attachments from emails. No more detours via the local file system, no more tedious searching through the SharePoint landscape for the right storage location – and all this directly in Outlook.

One add-in for all applications

With Mailissa you connect all your business applications in just one add-in. We have already developed a variety of connectors. If a connector for your target system is missing, you can also programme one yourself. The Mailissa API is very comprehensive and well documented.

Eine Übersicht über verfügbaren Konnektoren finden sie hier: https://mailissa.com/en/integration/

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