Extension of the Microsoft Office suite with business functions

Microsoft Office Suite Apps auf dem Smartphone

Microsoft offers a range of applications and services with its Office Suite. These include Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive. Many of the applications exist exclusively in the M365 cloud environment. Other products, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also available for pure on-premises use.

Particularly in the case of larger companies and corporate groups, similar problems occur at times. A colleague has written a great Excel application with macros, which is then used in different departments. However, if new functions are added to this template, there is hardly any possibility to update all existing versions.

Imagine being able

  • to manage and provide text modules and templates for your Office products at the user and group level.
  • Deploy existing macros and update them in used documents on demand.
  • Update properties automatically, such as adding mailboxes in Outlook.

With our centrally managed middleware for controlling add-in functionalities, these scenarios become reality.

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We started where Microsoft leaves off.

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