Mailissa powered by Axontic

Ein Portrait des Geschäftsmanns Stefan Sucker vor einem dunklen Hintergrund. Der Mann zeigt einen freundlichen Blick mit einem großen Lächeln und trägt ein hellblaues Hemd.

Axontic, an innovative start-up, is revolutionizing corporate collaboration with Mailissa through efficient Microsoft 365 extensions. As part of the We4IT Group, Axontic combines decades of experience with fresh, innovative approaches to digitise and automate workflows.
Mailissa powered by Axontic transforms email management through Artificial Intelligence, allowing any organisation to reduce routine tasks and focus on creative and strategic aspects of work. Developed for both SaaS and OnPremises environments, Mailissa offers comprehensive solutions that can be customised to the specific needs of each company.

Read the full article in Start-up Valley Magazine to find out more about Mailissa powered by Axontic and the vision behind it to revolutionize corporate communications. Find out how Mailissa is changing the way companies work together, what challenges Axontic has overcome and what its plans are for the future. Dive into the inspiring story of Mailissa and Axontic and learn how this innovative product is transforming the corporate world.

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