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Combine Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint into a powerful collaboration tool

SharePoint as a central task overview to optimise and improve their collaborative processes.

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Transfer emails to task management system

Microsoft Outlook is the central hub for information. Nevertheless, Outlook as a mail programme is “only” a personal tool for managing appointments and tasks. Folders, categories, text stamps and to-do lists are used in Outlook for internal organisation and processing of incoming e-mails. The resulting information silos make cooperation difficult. Information gets lost or is not filed in the “right places”.

As a collaboration tool, TaskIt! supports you in optimising and automating your existing business processes. A multitude of daily incoming e-mails result in tasks that have to be organised and processed. TaskIt! moves collaborative task processing from the personal or group mailbox to SharePoint and thus creates a platform for collaboration in which all information can be displayed and found according to need (user-centred). The interface creates a structured overview and traceability of assigned and issued tasks in the various task areas and reduces the memory load, complex folder structures and the growing need for additional mailboxes.

Capture, classify, store

Incoming emails often result in tasks. Especially in group mailboxes, cooperation is confusing. The first step towards collaborative task processing is to capture, classify and file the email in the task management system. Through the direct connection of Outlook and SharePoint, you can easily transfer e-mails without leaving the mailbox. You can assign the respective workspace and metadata – such as due dates, descriptions, priorities, etc. – to the email directly in the mail client and transfer them to SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint as a collaboration tool

With TaskIt! you keep the overview. You can manage the transferred e-mails and resulting tasks in SharePoint. Add comments or hand over tasks to your colleagues and staff. Thanks to the detailed history, you can seamlessly track completed steps, the current processing status and information regarding individual tasks.

TaskIt! Dashboard

With the TaskIt! Dashboard, all the information you need is displayed centrally, clearly and user-centred in SharePoint. Users have the ability to customise existing views, filter, categorise and search data without having to switch between workspaces.

Mailissa Taskit! at a glance

Direct integration

With TaskIt! you can connect any other application – such as Lotus Notes – in addition to the Microsoft Outlook mail client and integrate it with SharePoint.

Central overview of tasks

In SharePoint, you get a central task overview to optimise and improve your collaborative processes.

Taskit! Dashboard

With a SharePoint Framework app, TaskIt! ffers you the possibility to filter and categorise tasks and information and to adapt and display them according to your needs.

Management of information

All important information from e-mails and related tasks or assignments can be stored centrally in SharePoint and made accessible on demand.

Process optimisation

TaskIt! supports – through modern and future-proof technology – the automation and organisation of existing processes. By making the information and metadata available in SharePoint, there is considerable potential for optimising existing business processes.

System requirements


Outlook from 2016

Sharepoint from 2019 or MS 365


Microsoft 365

The history and further technical information

Read our blog article to find out how Mailissa TaskIt came about, more technical information and how central task management works in Microsoft Sharepoint.

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