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Today’s world is dynamic and fast-moving, and so is Mailissa. To ensure that your add-in keeps pace with your requirements, we are proud to announce an update to Mailissa Team and Mailissa Transfer today. We have worked hard to develop functionalities that make your work in the shared and private mailbox even more efficient and transparent. You can look forward to a brand new version of our popular Outlook add-in Mailissa. Version 3.1 is out now! This update brings exciting new features and improvements to the Mailissa world to make your email and file transfers even more efficient and easy.

Mailissa Team - A new experience of productive collaboration

Previously, technical and content comments were stored in the Mailissa Team processing history in a shared history for each email. As a result, it was difficult to keep track of important information and discussions due to the high volume of comments.
With our latest product update, we say goodbye to these restrictions and welcome the following optimizations:

Effortless task management

It has never been so easy to allocate editors to emails. With this new feature, the current assignee is set as a category on the email, making task management and tracking effortless.

Structural optimization

In Mailissa Team, content comments are now recorded and managed separately from technical comments. Content comments can be found under the Comments tab and technical changes under the History tab. This means that there is now a clear separation between discussions on content-related aspects of an email and technical changes, such as changes to the editor or status. This leads to a significant increase in the clarity and efficiency of communication within the team.

Whether you are discussing feedback on a marketing campaign or processing support tickets in a shared mailbox, you always have an overview. All comments are in the right place so that you never lose focus.

Transparent discussions

Another exciting new feature is the integration of the entire comment history of a conversation in every email. This means you will not only see the latest comments, but also the entire history to better understand the context of the discussions.

This function is particularly useful when you are working in ongoing email conversations. You can easily view the entire history and keep track of all relevant information. This improvement provides clarity and transparency, no matter how extensive the discussion is.


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Mailissa Transfer - Efficient transfers like never before

Thanks to the update Mailissa Transfer also offers new possibilities. We have revolutionized the transfer processes to make your workflows more efficient.

The ultimate overview

With the mail-specific transfer history, you can view the history of all transfers of a specific email. This enables simple and precise management of your file transfers. This improvement provides clarity and transparency, no matter how extensive the discussion is.

100 % flexibility

Your flexibility in file transfers increases. You can now edit or even delete transfers if requirements change or errors occur.

Increased efficiency

The support of connector categories is a technical update in the background. Your connectors now have the option of setting categories to the mail object after a transfer. This significantly increases organizational efficiency.

Now there are no questions left unanswered

In the near future, tooltips will be added directly in the add-in. Tooltips will be integrated as small pop-up windows that appear when the mouse hovers over an element. Elements and functions of the add-in are explained in more detail in these pop-ups. This is implemented on the connector side and offers an even more user-friendly experience.

Optimized user experience

We have worked hard to make Mailissa even smoother and safer. To this end, various performance optimizations and vulnerability fixes have been carried out. This ensures an outstanding user experience.


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A look into the future of Mailissa

With this update, we are taking a further step towards an even more powerful and user-friendly Mailissa. Our mission is to make your work as efficient and transparent as possible. We are excited about the new possibilities offered by this update and can’t wait to get reactions from the Mailissa-Community.

Thank you for being part of the Mailissa-Community. Your feedback and suggestions are important to us and we are always working to make Mailissa an unbeatable tool for your everyday work.

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