Update: Mailissa now also supports local Microsoft Exchange servers


We have released an exciting update for our Outlook add-in “Mailissa”! In the past, our customers have experienced Mailissa as a powerful cloudbased SaaS solution. Now we’re going one step further: Mailissa now also runs on your local Microsoft Exchange infrastructure!

What sounds logical and simple at first is anything but that. Although the manufacturer Microsoft is behind both solutions, the technical connection is fundamentally different. While a Graph interface is connected in the MS365 cloud variant, only the older EWS interface is available under Microsoft Exchange. After various proof-of-concepts, we will also be able to support Microsoft Exchange in a pure on-premises environment just in time for the second half of the year.

The integration of Mailissa on-premises offers the following advantages:

✅ Safety and Compliance: We understand that security and compliance are of paramount importance to our customers. With the on-premises option, you have end-to-end control over your data and can implement your own security policies and measures.

Data protection: Running Mailissa in your own infrastructure ensures that sensitive company data is not processed outside your own environment.

Customizability: With Mailissa On-Premises, you can customize the add-in according to your individual requirements and business processes. Thus, local installation offers unmatched flexibility.

Integration: Mailissa integrates seamlessly with existing systems and applications. Whether you use internal tools or want to move to other platforms in the future, Mailissa is ready to adapt to your needs without requiring any additional action.

The future of Mailissa is now!

With the introduction of the on-premises solution, we have taken a step further in positioning Mailissa as a flexible and future-oriented platform solution for our customers. Whether you want to take advantage of the cloud or prefer to manage your data in-house, Mailissa is here to help.

The switch to the on-premises version of Mailissa is as simple as it gets. Our experts are always available to assist you throughout the smooth migration process. If you already using Mailissa and want to switch to the on-premises option or are new to Mailissa and want to use the feature directly, simply contact our support team.

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